We believe in the strength of working together. We want to create value everyday.

The strength of our common culture

We have the curiosity and aspire to lead development in every industry that we operate in. In order to do that, we believe in the strength of working together. Only then can we get the necessary understanding to constantly develop our own and our customers' business.

We believe in the power of collaboration. Therefore, we work broadly with customers, partners and a range of stakeholders, throughout society. This offers us invaluable understanding and means that we can take a holistic approach to continuously developing our business and that of our customers.

Our employees are extremely important in this. We encourage everyone, regardless of their roll or seniority, to actively take the initiative. Our delegated business acumen is built on knowledge and the power to act, where everyone sharing responsibility.
This is how we create real value, in the form of long-term, sustainable solutions that are good for both our business and that of our customers, and - not least - the environment we all share.

Our core values

Who we are and how we act is based on these three core values:


  • Close to the customer 
  • Customized
  • Non-bureaucratic


  • Partnerships
  • Sustainable
  • Expertise


  • Value-creation
  • Proactivity
  • Continuous improvements

We are a part of the Stena Sphere and, therefore, share the principles and basic values of our owner, Dan Sten Olsson. These are described in his book "Principles, convictions and basic values for Stena Metall AB". This is a corporate culture shared by all companies within the Stena Sphere.


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