Our way of doing business, treating everyone with respect, while safeguarding human rights and the environment has contributed to our leading position.

Safe working environments avoid costly downtime through accidents and lead to efficient and consistent production of high quality. We believe that all accidents are avoidable through risk analysis, preventive measures and working safely together. This is the basis of our systematic safety work.

Safety is the highest priority in everything we do. We conduct systematic work with safety to fulfill our goal of a Stena without accidents. Safe production and customer service create values for both employees and customers, and is a very important part of our work with quality. 

We use SAS – Safety Assessment System – to monitor our approach to safety and in this way, identify relevant improvements that need to be made. Every year we perform thousands of safety walks to prevent accidents and incidents, and to contribute to maintaining a dynamic approach to safety at our workplaces every day of the year.

Safety is not just important for us at Stena Metall. A major part of our safety work is ongoing dialogues with customers, suppliers and authorities about how we can work more safely together. 

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