Stena Nordic Recycling Center


At the Stena Nordic Recycling Center, the Stena Metall Group's largest ever investment, recycling is taken to a whole new level.

Concentrating so many automated processes at the same location, Stena Recycling and Stena Technoworld have created an efficient industrial facility with the capacity to recycle more material from industry, hundreds of cars and other waste from society, every day.

By maximising recycling rates for cars and electronics, amongst other things, Stena Nordic Recycling Society creates great ebfits for industry and society.

The Stena Nordic Recycling Center is our answer to current and future demands for efficient, environmentally sound and sustainable recycling. It is our largest investment ever. Among other things, this means that we, together with Swedish car dismantlers, can achieve the EU's requirement for 95 percent recycling rates for scrapped cars, without having to send materials long distances for further processing. This shows the strength of Swedish recycling. The facility is a resource for value optimization in resource management for customers in all the Nordic countries.

The new facility, which will be one of the most modern in Europe, has been developed in collaboration with customers and partners.

The new automated recycling processes are based on proven technology combined with new innovations. Initially, a range of industrial shredders and mills do the hard work, fragmenting cars, metal scrap and decontaminated electronics at incredibly high speed. Thereafter, sophisticated automated processes perform accurate sorting using magnets, fans, optics, fluids and vibration in order to separate the different materials from each other.

At the Stena Nordic Recycling Center, industrial waste, cars and electronics from throughout society is processed and refined. By the time it has passed through the entire recycling process, we have around 30 different grades of material. With this technology, raw materials can be delivered directly to smelters, foundries and other manufacturers, in Sweden and around the world, where the material can live on in new products.

The Stena Nordic Recycling Center - a milestone in modern, sustainable recycling on an industrial scale.

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  • 1,000 tons of material go from landfills to material and energy recycling
  • Recycling of plastics increasing by 30% with new processes
  • Effective separation of brominated and non-brominated plastics (recyclable) from electronics waste
  • 1,500 fewer tons of slag in deliveries to steel mills
  • We reprocess waste fractions to avoid unnecessary export



  • At 433,000 square meters, the site is as large as 80 soccer pitches.
  • The largest production hall is 300 meters long.
  • The recycling processes use proven technology combined with new innovation.
  • Recycling the tangled residue left over when cars and other complex products are ground up in hammer mills is a major innovation. The solution consists of a unique chain of sorting processes developed by Stena.
  • Our new process for precious metal recycling from electronics will be the largest operation of its kind in Europe. It uses proven technology combined with advanced sensor technology.
  • Stena Recycling and Stena Technoworld will soon have around 200 employees working at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center.
  • Proximity to a seaport, access to the rail network and its central location in Scandinavia, make Halmstad an excellent location for our industrial recycling hub which can serve the whole of northern Europe.