Stena Technoworld donates reused IT equipment to a school in Uganda



Stena Technoworld donates reused computers, tablets and mobile phones to a school Uganda in a collaboration with Your Academy, Öresundskraft and Energy Aid.

Reuse of components and reuse of whole still-functioning products is a growing activity within electronics recycling. We have the ambition to climb in the waste hierarchy and reuse creates major benefits for supporting a sustainable society.

Stena Technoworld has decided to sponsor a school in Mbale, Uganda, by donating IT products that are still working. The school is called Loi Waisi and they have pupils in 1st Grade to 3rd Grade and the school was established in 2016 by Flavia Kakembo who comes from Mbale.

We will donate laptops, smartphones and tablets which gives students the possibility to further educate and develop. No sensitive information from laptops can be spread since all data on hard disk drives are erased with a certified data erasing method including a certificate of data wiping. Windows software on each laptop is installed. Mobile phones and tablets are reset to factory settings, meaning same as when you buy a new phone or tablet.

This is a smart utilization of resources that outperforms material recycling and also an important step in our work with sustainability with a global perspective.

Öresundskraft, one of Sweden’s largest energy company, will install solar cells at the school which provides them with electricity. Öresundskraft also supplies the pupils lamps charged by the solar cell panels, to be used at home when doing their homework.

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