Information about data requests

According to Article 15 of the GDPR/Data Protection Regulation, you are entitled to receive details of the personal data that the Stena Metall Group holds and processes relating to you, free of charge. As a rule, you may only receive personal data about yourself. You should receive this within one month, although it may, in certain circumstances, take up to two months. If your request cannot be processed within one month, you will be notified.

Data requests must be accompanied by copies of ID documentation. This is to ensure that information is not supplied to anyone ineligible and to avoid your personal data falling into the wrong hands. We recommend that you send any copy of your ID in an appropriate and secure way. Stena Metall cannot be held responsible for sensitive information sent from your private e-mail address. As a general rule, details of your personal data will only be sent to your registered postal address.

Your data request should be sent directly to the Privacy Officer, or their replacement in times of absence. Your data requests will not be shared with third parties or sent to other countries.

We save your data request for one year. After that time, they are destroyed in their entirety. We save this information in order to verify that the request was not unfounded or excessive, according to GDPR/Data Protection Regulation, Article 12. Copies of ID documentation are destroyed in a safe and secure way immediately after the identity of the claimant has been verified.

You can read more about data requests, your rights and how Stena Metall treats your personal data in our Privacy Information documents. These also contain the relevant contact details.



Please note that anyone who intends request data as a rule must contact us and request it. You will find the data request application below. Make sure to fill in the application, print and sign it. It could either be sent or personally handed over to the address below:

Privacy Officer (International and Germany)

Stena Metall AB
Box 4088
SE-400 40 Göteborg


Privacy Responsible (Italy)

Via dell'Industria, 487
37050 Nuova Z.a.i. VR




If you have any questions about data requests, please contact the Privacy Officer - privacy(at) (International and Germany) or Privacy Responsible - privacy(at) (Italy).

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Privacy Information

Customers and partners are valuable assets to the Stena Metall Group. Therefore, it is important to us that you feel confident about how we treat your personal data.

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