Cools Recycling


We recycle cooling appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioning appliances.

let the materials in OLD COOLS live

Since decades, refrigerators and freezers are extremely important for our handling of food – and for medtech use. Even when they are beyond fixing by the repairman they possess a big value. But they have to be handled and recycled in a safe way, to protect the environment from being affected by oils and gases.


When you are responsible for the safe handling of cooling appliances you need a reliable and efficient partner. You need control in the whole chain, from logistics to recycling, from decontamination to sales of the recycled materials. You will also need proper documentation and information for your environmental reports. When working with Stena you can feel safe that we take care of all these steps in the process, letting you focus on your core business.


In our own, specially designed cools recycling plants, we safely remove all hazardous waste, such as climate damaging gases, cooling agents and compressor oil, before separating plastics, insulation and metals from each other.


Almost 100 percent of the materials in cooling appliances are recycled into new secondary raw materials. The metals are for example being used in the production of vehicle components. The plastics can be used in impact-resistant plastics, instead of using new plastics made from oil. The insulation can be recovered as fuel for district heating – or in the production of climate smart ground plates for drainage and insulation. Oil from the refrigerators compressors is treated to become a high-quality base oil.

Products we recycle

  • Refrigerators (household and commercial)
  • Freezers
  • Freezer/refrigerator boxes
  • Insulated panel
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Water coolers
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