Electronics Recycling


We make sure that your electronics are recycled in a cost-effective, sustainable and reliable way, always aiming at lifting materials up the waste hierarchy.

Whether you are a company, manufacturer, retailer or producer association – we have a solution that suits your needs. We take care of your electronic waste and let you focus on your core business.

Waste turned into value

Electronic products contain a lot of precious metals and other materials that could be used again in new products. These valuable resources play an important part in a sustainable society. Material recycling saves both natural resources as well as energy compared to producing materials from virgin sources. Through high-tech, sophisticated automated processes we have the capacity to process large volumes of electronic products – turning your waste into value in a safe and efficient way.

control in the whole chain

Through qualified documentation and downstream monitoring we let you have control in the whole value chain - from transport, through recycling to shipping of recycled materials to chosen partners abroad. You can be sure that all steps and processes in the chain are conducted in an ethical, environmentally correct and socially responsible way. 

Depolluting the circular economy

The first step in our recycling process is to remove all hazardous components and substances, such as batteries and mercury. This is to make sure that no hazardous substances are spread into the environment. The decontamination is done manually and the removed substances are sent for destruction or for further processing and refining. This is an important task in a sustainable circular economy.  

Products we recycle

  • Small appliances: Vacuum cleaners, toasters, iron, coffee machines, grinders, electric knives, appliances for hair cutting and drying, tooth brushing, shaving, clocks, watches and scales.
  • IT equipment: Computer laptops and desktops, printers, pocket and desk calculators, fax, mainframe, mobile phones and any other equipment for data storage.
  • Flat panel displays: All types of flat panel displays, TVs and monitors, plasma screens, LCDs, LEDs, OLEDs, 3D-TVs, Smart-TVs and other versions.
  • Old TVs and monitors: All types of CRT-appliances, TVs and monitors.
  • Large appliances: Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, cookers, ovens.
  • Cooling appliances: Refrigerators (household and commercial), freezers, freezer/refrigerator boxes, insulated panel, air conditioning systems and water coolers. For more information, see the Cools Recycling page.

Our offer may vary in each local market. Choose your local market in the top menu by clicking on Select market.

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