Electronics treatment process

We recycle your electronics at our own facilities and with proven partners. Our solutions are in full compliance with the EU’s WEEE directive and all other legislation that concerns hazardous waste.

1. Collection with optimized logistics

Depending on type of electronics our logistics experts always choose the optimal transport solution and provide you with all necessary documentation.

We provide transports that minimize costs and environmental impact. Efficient utilization of transport capacity on trucks is an important factor.

2. Manual decontamination

The first step in the recycling process is to safely remove hazardous components and substances such as batteries and mercury.  This is done in a manual process. All hazardous waste is properly taken care of and sent for destruction or for further processing and refining.


The electronic waste is treated in a series of different automatic processes. By combining shredding, water baths, shaking tables, x-ray and other separation methods – your discarded electronics are ultimately transformed into high quality secondary raw materials that can become new products.


The recycled, secondary raw materials are sold to our chosen partners around the world. These partners can be steel mills, smelting plants, foundries, plastic producers or other manufacturers.

Through collaboration, we join in supplying a global market with large volumes of high quality secondary raw materials from waste resources. Materials from discarded products become new attractive products – over and over again.

Documentation and downstream monitoring

When handling and recycling electronic waste, it’s important to have control throughout the whole value chain. We take care of all transport documentation as well as the notification process. In case of any classification or legal issues, you always have access to support from our experts.

We supply the recycled material only to selected and monitored partners. You can be sure that all steps and processes in the value chain are conducted in a manner that is ethical, environmentally correct and socially responsible. We operate in accordance with standards as Cenelec and WEEElabex.

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