Research & Development


The world is developing and consuming products at an ever-increasing pace. This makes the development of recycling processes more important than ever. Our extensive research network is also an asset for you as a customer.

Research for resolving new challenges

Research into recycling is all too rare, but not with us! On the contrary, we are engaged in research and development on a broad front. In fact, our research platform is unique – even from an international perspective. In collaboration with the broader business community, universities and other partners, we are conducting a series of research projects to solve future recycling needs and ensure the intelligent management of resources.

With innovative solutions, we can drive development forward, all to recycle or reuse more of our discarded electronics products and to stop the spread of environmentally hazardous substances and materials into the environment.

An asset for you

Our extensive research network is also an asset for you. It provides you with unique expertise on materials and the best way to take care of them. We seek research funding, in collaboration with many customers, to initiate and run projects that result in new methods for efficient recycling.

A unique professorship

Since 2007, we have funded a professorship in industrial recycling at Chalmers University in Gothenburg. The professorship recently celebrated ten years, and we will continue this project, now with an added focus on energy technology. In these few years, we have managed to bring together a dedicated professorship, an interdisciplinary center of excellence and research into waste technology from researchers all over Sweden.

From refrigerators to construction site

Did you know that the insulation from cooling appliances could become climate-smart ground plates for construction sites? REPUR ground plate is the result of a development project within the Stena Metall Group. This is an example of how in a single giant step, we can move materials far up the waste hierarchy and even create a product from a complex material that otherwise would have to be recycled as energy.

Advanced processes

We work in compliance with the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers (CECED), the WEEE directive as well as the requirements stipulated by the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA).

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