The world around us


The world is developing at a rapid pace. Developing our business and our operations requires a good understanding of the business environment in which we operate and how it affects us and our stakeholders. That's why we continouosly analyze external factors such as global and local trends.


The Stena Metall Group is working to develop a Group-wide sustainability strategy with new sustainability goals.
The foundation for the strategy and the sustainability goals can be found within our priority areas: Value creation, Resource Efficiency, People and Culture and Responsible relationships.

This work is conducted in dialogue with key stakeholders such as customers, partners, experts and researchers.
The goal is to create a strong, transparent sustainability strategy that contributes to the Group's future growth and where our customers and partners have a clear role in the cooperation of finding new solutions.

Among the external factors affecting the Stena Metall Group's future sustainability strategy is, for example, developments in technology and digitization, the global climate deal, COP21 and the EU's environmental policy.

Another factor of great influence on the global industry's sustainability work is Agenda 2030.

The UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development connects trends and global challenges into 17 development goals. The starting point is to tackle the planet's environmental challenges, particularly climate change, and to develop human well-being in harmony with functioning economies by 2030. This means, among other things, to secure the energy, food and water for all, to handle the planet's resources with caution through sustainable production and consumption, sustainable cities and creating inclusive communities where good jobs are created and equality and justice prevails. Partnership for sustainable solutions is also an important part.

The business community has a crucial part in the realization of the objectives.

The Stena Metall Group is currently evaluating the UN goals as part of the work on our sustainability strategy in order to identify areas where the Stena Metall Group can develop their own business while also contributing to the Agenda.

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